About the Company

Who We Are.

Ocean Marine Service International LLC, Ocean Marine Service International LLC, is an organization that focuses on supplying goods and services to Ship (containers, general cargo and cruise ships) operating in the Florida Ports..

The philosophy of our organization is to offer personalized services for ships, guaranteeing to cover your needs in the shortest time, at the lowest cost and with the best payment terms, without limitations in the time invested to cover your requirements having a human resource highly specialized.

The Beginnig.

Ocean Marine Service International LLC, was created with the purpose of covering the demand of products and services of the ships that operate in the Florida Ports, positioned as the main cargo distribution ports for Latin America and global cargo transportation, and main Cruise Port of the world.

The Shareholders have a long track record and experience in the supply of ships, since in May 2007, they founded Ocean Marine Service, CA, a company that operates in the Orinoco River Navigation Channel, located in Puerto Ordaz city, Bolívar State, Venezuela, currently covers 60% of the demand for the vessels operating in the wharves of Matanzas, Puerto Ordaz, Venalum, Bauxilum, Alcasa, Palua, Edelca, San Felix, and between the range of miles 0, 1 to 192.